A Tribute To Albert Ellis

In August 2007, The American Psychological Association held its 115th annual convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

A major event at the convention was a tribute to Dr. Albert Ellis. Debbie Joffe-Ellis spoke of her years with Al and her plans to carry on the legacy of his work. Jon Carlson chaired a panel of distinguished speakers who paid tribute to the role Albert Ellis played in their professional and private lives.

Session Title:   Tribute to Albert Ellis  
Session Type:   Discussion  
Division(s):   12, 29
Building—Room:   Moscone Center—Room 303
Location:   Esplanade Level-South Building
Day/Time:   Friday, August 17, 2:00PM - 3:50PM

REBT Network wishes to express it's gratitude to those who took part in the panel discussion. We are especially grateful that the panelists have kindly given us permission to publish their speeches here.

Name Presentation Title
Jon Carlson PsyD, EdD     Discussion Chair
Robert Alberti PhD     How to Be Rationally Stubborn, Emotionally Undisturbable, Behaviorally Happy, Unconditionally Accepting, Shamelessly Unfrustrated, and Unmiserably Reasonable While Keeping People From Pushing Your Buttons  
David D. Burns MD     Albert Ellis: A Personal Note  
Elliot Cohen PhD     Albert Ellis' Philosophical Revolution  
Arthur Freeman EdD     How Al Ellis Introduced Me to REBT and CBT  
Bill Knaus EdD     Remembrances  
G. Alan Marlatt PhD     Moving From 12 Steps to SMART Recovery  
John C. Norcross PhD     Al Ellis: Courageous and Integrative Empiricist  
John Minor PhD     The Consummate Psychologist  
Gerald Corey EdD     My Irrational Fondness of Al Ellis  
William Glasser PhD     Albert Ellis: An Exceptional Colleague  
Nicholas A. Cummings PhD, DSc     A Tribute To Albert Ellis  



All Out! An Autobiograpy
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Shameless Happiness
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Albert Ellis Tribute Book Series Launched
The series will include books of readings for professionals, psychology self-help, psychotherapy theory and practice, the application of philosophy to clinical practice, professional guides for working with special populations, and classroom and college texts. Learn more about the Tribute Series

Albert Ellis Documentary
A documentary about the life and opinions of psychotherapy's most important and influential voice. Watch a preview.

New eBook Released
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REBT Moves Forward
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International REE Committee Formed
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